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Stephanie’s coaching focusses on creativity. It’s about helping people to recognise their own creative expression and to experience and enjoy it in daily life, at work, and in relationship with others.

You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to lead a creative life. Living creatively can be through our thinking, decision-making and problem-solving as well as dancing, inventing, gardening and the myriad of other expressions of that intangible part of ourselves that is there in everything and is about who we are.

Adventures in Creativity workshops

Adventures in Creativity – Workshops with creativity coach Stephanie Anderson. For details please click here. These workshops have now taken place but to register your interest for future workshops or events please email me.

“A creative life is colourful and adventurous; and a creative life is essential to our wellbeing.”

Individual Coaching

You may have a particular goal or project in mind or you may be feeling that you’d like more creativity and creative self-expression in your personal or professional life. Working with Stephanie can help you to choose to view the world creatively and be more creative within it.

Latest blog post

Stephanie regularly updates the Blog section of this site with ideas, thoughts, comments and other bits of information concerning coaching and / or life in general. You can click here to see her latest blog post:
Look and look again

‘Regular visitors to this blog and my website will see that there is a new banner and new photos.’

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